Sports Sponsorship And Consultation

Sports sponsorship is one of the most powerful marketing tools, and at Wissix, we believe that sports sponsorship is a dialogue. Sponsorship is so much more than a media buy; if executed correctly, it can offer a unique opportunity for brands to reach a highly engaged audience.


Efficient Return On Objective Strategies

Well-activated sponsorship delivers a significant ROO leading to more pronounced business benefits. Our unique perspective in sports marketing ensures that our clients get the maximum ROO by creating smart future strategies, drafting the best contracts, negotiating our client’s rights, ensuring the implementation of this plan, and closely monitoring the execution.


Sports Corporate Social Responsibility

At Wissix, we believe in the power of “FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME”, and in capitalizing sports platforms to make the world a better place by planning innovative and relevant CSR strategies for sports teams as well as their sponsors. Our creative solutions can help brands, clubs, sponsors, federations and governmental entities reach their objectives by planning and implementing the best approaches for their CSR.


Events And Activation

Events and activation are a vital element of sports communication, we know how powerful it is to reach fans through sports activation, organizing international sports games and more. From concept creation to production to execution, we work as brand guardians, integrating the brand seamlessly into the event and the fan experience.


Sports Digital Engagement

In this day and age, brands with no digital presence are almost invisible. We all know very well the power of sports sponsorships in the digital age of visual data. Streaming live sporting events through streaming services and social media networks is now the norm, and millions of people watch those events, which in turn increases the exposure of the sponsoring brands. We are experienced in guiding brands while choosing their digital rights, then helping them develop and execute the best digital strategy and the most creative content for maximum fan engagement.